What We Do


PROFESSIONAL SEALERS (PVT) LTD offers its services in all kinds of waterproofing systems, roofs, basements, bathrooms, underground water tanks, over head water tanks, damp proofing, ponds and entire range of construction chemicals We are also manufacturer of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Water Stop, Copper Water Stop, i.e is use in roads, canal bridges, drains, Coal Power Projects, Hydro Power Projects, Dams, Basements.
PROFESSIONAL SEALERS (PVT) LTD also provide epoxy floor coatings, water stops, grout, weather guard, acrylic sealers, and all types of torch on applied membrane, water repellent chemicals & their applications. Conventional roofing systems & buildings usually require some form of maintenance i.e. expansion joints, crack filling and damp proofing. Thus we provide cost effective solutions to all leakage & seepage of basements, water tanks and dampness of walls.
PROFESSIONAL SEALERS (PVT) LTD provide acrylic based flexible & durable cementitious waterproof coating for roofs, basements, canal lining, water tanks, roof gardening waterproofing, shell roofs, swimming pools & walls. This waterproof coating is equally suitable for concrete, bricks & block work. This water repellent coating is highly resistant to long term weather effects & durable in all climatic conditions.
PROFESSIONAL SEALERS (PVT) LTD provide roofing & waterproofing bituminous torch on applied membrane & its applications with variety of thickness based on different materials suit to the requirements for long lasting waterproofing characteristics. The upper Surface of this bituminous membrane is finished in sand, slate of PBS. The lower surface has a polyethylene film which melts when torched. It provides positive barrier to water vapors& dampness with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.

Note: With all that we also provide admixture, epoxy floor coatings, adhesives, repair mortar and joint sealants.

To facilities our valued clients, we have a professional team of applicators. We try our best to provide optimum service & guidelines to our valued customers. We have a fully equipped office with modern technologies such as computers, Fax and e-mail to serve our sublime clients. If you need any service regarding the above mentioned items or the waterproofing system/coating, then you may contact us because, we are unique to ensure water preventive measures.

We are also thankful to our valued customers & clients for their trust and confidence in us. With a promise to uphold this trust, we aspire to provide better services to our customers.